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Our Service

Our Services

Goldman Tech Resourcing consultants are recognised as the most technically savvy in the verticals that they have chosen to operate in.

Goldman Tech Resourcing can introduce the Candidates to the Companies and ultimately assist them in finding the job they are looking for.

We employ top quality consultants, provide them with full training not only in the Recruitment Industry but also in Domain Knowledge and then using innovation and technology to build our competitive advantage and ability to deliver to the customer.

The Process

For employers the process is very briefly: 

  • You send us a Specification; 
  • We present you with Qualified Candidates that match that specification; 
  • Once you have selected the Candidate/s you wish to Interview, we then arrange the interview with the candidate on your behalf; 
  • Should you like to make an offer to one of the interviewees, we do verification and reference checks and support you through the offer process and all going well the candidate accepts the offer.

Sending us a job specification is free of charge. The employer will only be charged on a success basis i.e. you only pay if we find you a suitable candidate!